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English phrasal verbs for EOL students

Phrasal Verbs: E

Ease off/Ease up (on):
To reduce pressure. To become less intense. ex. "The senator eased off on his attacks."

Eat in:
To eat at home. ex. "I don't feel like going out tonight. Let's eat in."

Eat out:
To eat at restaurants, etc. ex. "David loves going to new restaurants. He eats out almost every night."

Edge out:
To defeat, barely. ex. "David edged out the other runners and won the race."

Egg (someone) on:
To urge/ push someone to do something. ex. "The boy always eggs his friends on to do stupid things."

Embark upon:
To start, commence. ex. "As soon as he finished his contract, he embarked upon a new project."

End up:
To finish up; To finally be or do something. ex. "We wanted to go to the mountains, but we ended up going to the beach instead."

Enter into:
To accept, become legaly committed to (an agreement, contract, etc.) ex. "The two parties entered into an agreement last week."

Explain away:
To explain/ make excuses for something so that it seems less important. ex. "The CEO tried to explain away the company's recent poor performance."

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