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English phrasal verbs for EOL students

Phrasal Verbs: H

Hand in
To submit (a report, assignment, essay). ex. "I have to hand in my assignment at 8 AM tomorrow morning."

Hand out:
To distribute. ex. "William, please hand these copies out to the class."

Hang on:
To hold on. To wait.

Hang up:
To end a phone conversation by replacing the receiver. ex. "We got into a huge fight on the phone and she hung up on me."

Hang out:
To stay in a place for fun. ex. "Like most teenagers, she loves to hang out in the mall."

Hear from:
To receive news from (phone call, letter, e-mail, etc.) ex. "Have you heard from Robert lately?"

Hear of:
To know/ be familiar with something or someone. ex. "I have never heard of that band."

Hit on:
To flirt with someone. ex. "That guy was hitting on me all night at the club."

Hold off on:
To delay. ex. "Let's hold off on making dinner until your roommates come back."

Hold on:
To wait. ex. "I have never heard of that band."

Hold up:
1) To delay. ex. "I'm sorry we're late. We got held up at the airport."
2) To rob. ex. "My sister is very upset. Two men held her up and took her purse and jewelry."

Hook up (with someone):
To meet with someone (*be careful because this often has sexual overtones*) ex. "We hooked up last weekend."

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