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Online English vocabulary exercises for ESL students

Topic: Common Mistakes/Errors 2

1. This is such an ________ time for me.

2. I'd rather ________ a book than surfing the web.
  be reading

3. She is very rich. She has ________ money.
  a lot of

4. Sorry, I can't visit you on Saturday. ________ dinner with some friends.
  I'll have
  I have
  I'm having

5. One of my two sisters is coming to visit tomorrow. ________ is staying at home.
  Another one
  The other one
  Other one

6. P1: What language do you speak at home? P2: I ________ Korean at home.
  am speaking
  do speak

7. When did she get married ________ him?

8. I'm reading ________.
  the Los Angeles Times
  Los Angeles Times
  a Los Angeles Times

9. Why ________ tell me?
  you not
  didn't you
  you didn't

10. You must ________ the book that you borrowed from the library.
  return back
  return again

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