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TOPIC: ESL: WHICH WORD - LEND or BORROW? 1 | Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Complete each of the sentences below with the correct form of either lend or borrow, as specified.
ex: It was so loud in there that I couldn't hear (lend/borrow) a thing.

1. He wanted to (lend/borrow) five dollars.

2. I couldn’t (lend/borrow) him the money.

3. Banks (lend/borrow) money to their clients all the time.

4. You should never (lend/borrow) more than you can pay back.

5. I (lent/borrowed) these books from the library.

6. He doesn’t like (lending/borrowing) money to anyone.

7. Would you like me to (lend/borrow) you my jacket?

8. A good way to lose a friend is to (lend/borrow) him money.

9. You can (lend/borrow) my old phone for a couple of weeks.

10. Who did you (lend/borrow) the money from?

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