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Topic: Driving

Choose the word that best fits the sentence.
  1. Hey, don't drive so fast or you'll get in an ________ .
    a. accident
    b. incident

  2. The driver in front of me keeps changing ________.
    a. lines
    b. lanes

  3. There is always a lot of ________ on this road.
    a. traffic
    b. travel

  4. The police officer gave me a ________ for not signalling.
    a. fare
    b. ticket

  5. I'm running low on gas. We have to ________ (get a full tank of gas).
    a. fill up
    b. fill in

  6. The ________ is what one turns to go left or right.
    a. round wheel
    b. steering wheel

  7. This road is so rough! There are so many ________.
    a. potholes
    b. roadholes

  8. This road is under construction so we have to make a ________.
    a. goaround
    b. detour

  9. Slow down! You're going 40 miles above the ________!
    a. speed limit
    b. speed zone

  10. When you're driving in big cities, you should always look out for ________.
    a. pedestrians
    b. cows

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