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Topic: Driving 2

Choose the word that best fits the sentence.
  1. Your ________ look a little flat. Maybe you should check the pressure.
    a. tires
    b. wheels

  2. In Germany it's possible to drive very fast on ________.
    a. pay roads
    b. highways

  3. P1: How long have you had your ________? P2: Since I was 19.
    a. driver's license
    b. driver's permission

  4. You have to turn right at the next ________.
    a. intersection
    b. intercross

  5. I couldn't see the other car in my ________ mirror.
    a. back view
    b. rear view

  6. Most people know that wearing a ________ is a good idea.
    a. car belt
    b. seat belt

  7. Don't ________. There's always a police car behind that tree.
    a. speed on
    b. speed up

  8. P1: Do you know how to drive ________? P2: No, I only know how to drive automatic.
    a. gears
    b. standard

  9. During ________, roads are normally very congested.
    a. rush hour
    b. hours of peak

  10. The front lights of a car are called ________.
    a. headlights
    b. taillights

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    KET (Key English Test): elementary
    PET (Preliminary English Test): intermediate
    FCE (First Certificate in English): upper intermediate
    CAE (Certificate in Advanced English): advanced
    CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English): very advanced

    Some also include the CELS (Certificates in English Language Skills) exams, which test students in particular language skills (reading, writing, speaking, etc.) separately.
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