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TOPIC: ESL: WHICH WORD - Listen or hear? 1 | Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Complete each of the sentences below with the correct form of either listen or hear, as specified.
ex: It was so loud in there that I couldn't hear (hear/listen) a thing.

1. They were (hearing/listening to) the new Morrissey album.

2. I don't (hear/listen to) jazz.

3. ! (Hear/Listen) I've already told you to stop bothering me!

4. Did you (hear/listen) what he said to me?

5. To be honest, I wasn't (hearing/listening).

6. You don't have to agree with her, but at least (hear/listen) her out.

7. I've told her to stop smoking, but she just doesn't (listen/hear)

8. Betty turned on the radio, and was (hearing/listening to) the news.

9. What did you say? I can't (hear/listen to) you.

10. After his accident, Robert is having a hard time (hearing/listening).

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