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Topic: Traveling, planning a trip 2

1. When you arrive in a new country, you often have to go through (customs/custom) at the airport.

2. A (lay around/layover) is the time you have to wait at an airport for your connecting flight.

3. Our tour (guide/conductor) was amazing! He knew so much about the city!

4. Traveling first- (level/class) is very expensive.

5. I wanted to buy train tickets, but the ticket (office/bureau) was closed.

6. Q: Are you here on vacation? A: No. I'm here on (affairs/business).

7. We plan to do some (sightseeing/see-sights) while we're in Chicago.

8. I left my bag in a (locker/lock) at the train station.

9. You have to check (in/on) at the airport three hours before your flight.

10. Is the room air- (cold/conditioned)?

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