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Topic: Elections/Voting/Politics (USA) - Part 2

1. The piece of paper that you vote on is called a ________.

2. Q: What do you do with a ballot? A: You ________ it.

3. The place where voters cast their ballots is called a ________ station.

4. In a polling station, the little "rooms" where you walk in to vote are called voting ________.

5. Before you can vote, you must ________ to vote.

6. Many states now use ________ voting.
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7. I can't vote in this election. I missed the registration ________ ( = the last day you're allowed to register).

8. Which ________ party do you normally vote for?

9. If you are not physically able to come and vote at a polling station, you can vote by what is called an " ________ ballot".

10. When you register to vote, you often don't have to do this in person; you can do it by mail, or ________ (online).

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