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ELL/ESL VOCABULARY TEST (English vocabulary practice)

Topic: Politics, elections, voting (common terms and expressions) 3

Choose the best response:

1. A close race = A ___________ race

2. Many senators support his ___________ ( = attempt) to become president.

3. Her campaign is gaining ________. = Her campaign is becoming more and more effective/successful.

4. The probable nominee = The ________ nominee

5. That victory established him as the clear front-________.

6. Voter ________ was very high. = A lot of people voted.

7. The senator said that he would ________ ( = support) the other candidate.

8. The presidential election will be ________ on November 1st.

9. The other candidate for mayor claimed that he was ________ to improving recycling in the city.

10. She was able to ________ a lot of money for her campaign.

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