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Topic: Politics, elections, voting 4 (for ESL students)

Choose the best response:

1. What's Barak Obama's ___________ ( = position) on the war in Iraq?

2. The voters have to decide which candidate is better ___________ to handle the current problems with the economy.

3. It's a ________. = Either candidate could win.

4. Most voters are concerned about the rising price of ________. ( = called "petrol" in the UK)

5.McCain has a slight ________. = McCain is doing slightly better, is slightly more successful, etc.

6. A ________ margin = A very small margin/difference

7. George Bush currently has a very low approval ________. ( = very few people approve of how he is performing as president)

8. The mood between the two candidates was not relaxed, it was ________.

9. The two candidates got into a ________ ( = impassioned) argument during their first debate.

10. Obama is making an effort to ________ ( = get rid of, lessen) divisions within the Democratic party.

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