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HOME > ENGLISH VOCABULARY EXERCISES > Planning a trip/traveling 4

Online English vocabulary exercises for ESL students

Topic: Traveling, planning a trip 4

Complete the sentences below using one of the following words: off, directions, share, weather, order, vacation, flight, backpack, exchange, toothbrush

1. Would you like to (= or "split") a taxi to the train station?

2. It's best not to money at the bus station. Their rates are really low.

3. I think we're lost. I'm going to ask for .

4. We can a vegetarian meal online.

5. It's been a while since Anna has gone on .

6. I'll have to see if I can get time work.

7. Sally brought toothpaste, but she forgot her .

8. I've already checked us in online for our , but we still have to drop off our bags when we get to the airport.

9. Are you bringing your suitcase or your ?

10. What's the like in May? Is it warm there?

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