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Online English vocabulary exercises for ESL students

Topic: REAL ESTATE: Buying a house or apartment 2

These exercises will help you practice vocabulary associated with buying or selling your house or apartment.

1. This house is beautiful, but the neighborhood seems a little ________.

2. Your mortgage ________ will be about $400 per month.

3. We're ________ ( = moving) to Atlanta and we're interested in buying a condo.

4. There's a ________ in the back yard.
  swimming pool
  swimming tank

5. The back yard is really big, but there's almost no ________ yard.

6. This apartment is a little more noisy because it ________ the street.

7. The house has a two-car ________.
  car hole

8. I think that the owner is willing to ________ the price a little.

9. A "fixer-upper" is a house that needs a lot of ________.

10. We'd like to ________ (to the new house) by the end of January.
  move in
  get in

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