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Topic: TV/Radio related terms/expressions

1. If a lot of people watch a TV show, chances are that it will remain on the air and won't be __________.

2. Pass me the ________. I'd like to change the channel.
  remote control
  robot control

3. I can't pick up any good radio ________ where I live.

4. Hey, do you remember that name of the actor that __________ the killer in the movie we saw last week?

5. A ________ is a repeat broadcast of a show.
  run again

6. A couch ___________ is someone who spends a lot of time on the couch ( = sofa) watching TV.

7. The people who read the news on TV are called news ________.

8. A ________ is a show with a very simple plot (usually about love).
  soft opera
  love opera
  soap opera

9. A ________ show is a television or radio program where several people come together to discuss various topics.

10. Most people these days order ________ TV, which gives them access to many more channels apart from the local ones they would normally get.

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