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HOME > ENGLISH VOCABULARY EXERCISES > Going out (for drinks) 1

Online English vocabulary exercises for ESL students

Topic: Drinking/ Bars/ Pubs

1. I don't want bottled beer. What kind of beer do you have ________?
  on tap
  from the barrel
  on top

2. Pay for my beer this time. I'll get the next ________.

3. Do you know of any good hangover ________?

4. The bartender wouldn't let me ________. I had to pay right away.
  run a table
  run a tab
  run away

5. Another way of saying "drunk" is ________.

6. One reason bars check ID is to prevent ________ drinking.

7. I feel terrible! My head is ________ me! (It hurts very much)

8. I can't remember the last time I was so ________.
  hung over

9. How much do I owe? 16 dollars? Here's 20. ________.
  Keep the change
  No change
  I don't like change

10. A seedy, run-down, unsophisticated bar is called a ________.
  dive bar

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