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Topic: Identify redundant words and phrases 2

Choose the word (or words) that are redundant in each of the sentences below.
Example: He called me at 6:00 AM in the morning. ("in the morning" is redundant because "AM" already means "in the morning")

1. They postponed the game until later.

2. The rebels managed to surround the government troops on all sides.

3. He was good at carpentry because he never lost track of the basic essentials.

4. Right after sunrise, we descended down into the valley.

5. The jobs, however, were few in number.

6. My mother will wear anything, as long as it's pink in color.

7. The software was an added bonus.

8. She ended up buying the blue shoes, as they were cheaper in cost than the brown ones.

9. They managed to climb up to the top of the mountain by sunset.

10. Remember that this job should be your first priority.


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