English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises

TOPIC: Cracking down on illegal hiring in the UK

STEP 1 - Read the following article: READING COMPREHENSION ARTICLE 35

STEP 2 - Answer these questions (choose the best answer):

1. What has happened in the first four months of the campaign to crack down on companies hiring illegal workers?
  Nothing. The campaign is still in its beginning stages.
  7,500 immigration officers will be re-organized into more localized teams
  200 companies have been fined.

2. What steps will officials take to "shame" these companies?
  They will publish their names as well as the details of the offence online.
  They will shut down their business.
  They will inform the police about the illegal hiring.

3. Immigration officials are now focusing on:
  small-time illegal employers.
  fining individual workers.
  large-scale organized criminal operations.

4. Which of the following sectors does NOT employ a lot of illegal workers?

5. Trade union officials fear that this new campaign might end up unjustly penalizing _______________, by driving the employers further underground.
  the "Mr. Bigs"

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