English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises
English grammar exercises and tests
English grammar exercises and tests

Topic: MUCH / A LOT OF 1


level: Intermediate

Complete each of the following sentences with either much or a lot of.

1. He knows (much/a lot of) people in this city.

2. Do you have (much/a lot of) to do at work today?

3. Next week is going to be (much/a lot of) colder than this week.

4. If you keep stealing, you'll get in (much/a lot of) trouble.

5. He donated (much/a lot of) more than the organization expected.

6. The call to action didn't get (much/a lot) of a response from the crowd.

7. He picked (much/a lot of) flowers.

8. Andrew and his wife made (much/a lot of) money this year.

9. They have (much/a lot of) to talk about.

10. He brought up (much/a lot of) topics that I found interesting.


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