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List of English phrasal verbs


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Call for:
To require. Example: "You're pregnant? This calls for a celebration!"

Call in:
To demand or request something that one has coming. Often used with the word "favor". Example: "Hey, I've got to call in a favor."

Call off:
To cancel something. Example: "They called off the game because of the rain."

Call up:
When speaking of soldiers, etc., to request to report for duty. Example: "My brother was called up last week."

Calm down:
To relax; To make someone relax. Example: "Calm down, it's not as bad as you think!"

Cancel out:
To bring something back to zero by cancelling its effect with a reverse effect. Example: "The refund that we received was cancelled out by the increase in fees."

Care for:
1) To nurse someone or something. Example: "He cared for his sick father for three years."
2) To like someone or something. Example: "I don't really care for Thai food."

Carry off:
To pull off.

Carry on about:
To continue in an annoying way. Example: "He kept carrying on about how expensive his car was."

Carry out:
To perform. Example: "Dr. Williams carried out the procedure."

Cash in on (sth.):
To profit, make money from sth. Example: "The basketball player wanted to cash in on his popularity by opening a sports bar."

Catch on:
To slowly start to understand. Example: "She caught on after a few minutes."

Catch up:
1) To make up for lost time. Example: "I was away from school for a week, so I'm trying to catch up on my homework."
2) To talk to someone after not talking for a long time. Example: "Mary and I bumped into each other at the mall last week. We hadn't seen each other for a year, so we had a lot of catching up to do."

Cave in:
To give in; To accept something after being pressured to do so. Example: "My brother finally caved in and bought the new t-shirt that everyone is wearing."

Chalk (something) up to:
To blame (something)(on something). Example: "Don't worry about losing your wallet. Just chalk it up to bad luck."

Cheat on (someone):
To be unfaithful (to one's husband, wife, girlfriend, etc.)

Check in/into:
To enter or register at a hotel, airport, etc. Example: "Guests can only check in after 11 AM."

Check out:
1) To investigate, take a look at. Example: "Hey, check out this website. It's really cool!"
2) To leave a hotel, airport, etc. Example: "My wife checked out of the hospital yesterday."

Cheer up:
To become cheerful (to cheer up); To makes someone feel better (to cheer someone up). Example: "A good song will always cheer me up when I'm feeling down."

Chicken out:
To initially want to do something, but then to back out of doing it due to fear. Example: "He was going to say something to the teacher, but he chickened out."

Chill out:
To relax.

Chip in:
To contribute. Example: "We all have to chip in to buy Robert a present."

Clean out:
To completely remove everything (from somewhere). Example: "I cleaned out my locker before I left for the summer."

Clean up:
To clean; To tidy up. Example: "You forgot to clean up the mess you made in the kitchen."

Clear up:
1) To become sunny. Example: "Wow, the weather really cleared up!"
2) To make something clear, understandable. Example: "I didn't understand at first, but he cleared everything up for me."

Close down:
To close a place permanently. Example: "I was sad to find out that they're going to close down my favorite restaurant."

Close in:
To approach, come close (physically). Example: "The rebels were closing in on the city."

Come about:
To happen. Example: "All of a sudden, he was named CEO, and no one really knew how that came about."

Come across:
1) To find (by chance, etc.) Example: "I came across some of my old photos when I was cleaning my room."
2) To seem. Example: "He might come across as being shy, but he isn't."
Come along:
1) To accompany someone. Example: "I'm going to the mall; You can come along if you like."
2) To progress. Example: "How's your project coming along?"

Come apart:
To separate into pieces. To break. Example: "The watch came apart, and he didn't know how to put it back together."

Come back:
To return. Example: "What time are you coming back tonight?"

Come by:
To come over. To drop by. To pay a visit. To visit. Examples: "He came by last night.", "What time should I come by?"

Come down on:
To criticize. Example: "The president really came down on opposition party members for failing to pass the bill."

Come down with:
To catch (an illness). Example: "She came down with the flu."

Come forth:
To appear. Example: "After the initial allegations, more accusers came forth last week."

Come off as:
To give the impression of being. Example: "He comes off as being quite successful."

Come out:
1) To release (a book, podcast, etc.) Example: "My brother is coming out with a new podcast."
2) To reveal to others that one is gay. Example: "He came out to his parents last summer."

Come to:
To regain consciousness. Example: "Patrick came to about a minute after passing out."

Come up:
To be raised (as a topic/issue during a conversation). Example: "That issue never came up during our conversation."

Come up against:
To encounter (a problem, an opponent, etc.) Example: "He came up against a lot of resistance from some of the conservative members of the committee."

Come up with:
To produce or create (an idea, a plan). Example: "The writer came up with a great plot for his new book."

Count on:
To rely or depend on. Example: "I'm your best friend and you can always count on me."

Cross out:
To put lines through something written, drawn, etc. Example: "Cross out your name."

Cut back on:
To not spend as much money on. Example: "We'll have to cut back on eating out this month."

Cut down on:
To reduce. Example: "My brother is trying to cut down on smoking."

Cut (someone) off:
When driving: to drive into someone's lane, blocking their way; When speaking: To interrupt, stop someone when s/he is speaking. Example: "I can't believe how that driver cut me off!"

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