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Call for:
To require. ex. "You're pregnant? This calls for a celebration!"

Call in:
To demand request something that one has coming. *most often used with the word "favor"* ex. "Hey, I've got to call in a favor."

Call off:
To cancel something. ex. "They called off the game because of the rain.

Call up:
When speaking of soldiers, etc., to request to report for duty. ex. "My brother was called up last week."

Calm down:
To relax; To make someone relax. ex. "Calm down, it's not as bad as you think!"

Cancel out:
To bring something back to zero by cancelling its effect with a reverse effect. ex. "The refund that we received was cancelled out by the increase in fees."

Care for:
1) To nurse someone or something. ex. "He cared for his sick father for three years."
2) To like someone or something. ex. "I don't really care for Thai food."

Carry off:
To pull off.

Carry on about:
To continue in an annoying way. ex. "He kept carrying on about how expensive his car is."

Carry out:
To perform. ex. "Dr. Williams carried out the procedure."

Cash in on (sth.):
To profit, make money from sth. ex. "The basketball player wanted to cash in on his popularity by opening a sports bar."

Catch on:
To slowly start to understand. ex. "She caught on after a few minutes."

Catch up:
1) To make up for lost time. ex. "I'm trying to catch up on my homework, since I was away from school for 2 weeks."
2) To talk to someone after not talking for a long time. ex. "Mary and I bumped into each other at the mall last week. We hadn't seen each other for a year, so we had a lot of catching up to do.

Cave in:
To give in; To accept something after being pressured and finally convinced, etc. ex. "My brother finally caved in and bought the new t-shirt that everyone is wearing."

Chalk (something) up to:
To blame (something) on; To give the reason for (something). ex. "Don't worry about losing your wallet. Just chalk it up to bad luck."

Cheat on (someone):
To be unfaithful (to one's husband, wife, girlfriend, etc.)

Check in/into:
To enter or register at a hotel, airport, etc. ex. "Guests can only check in after 11 AM."

Check out:
1) To investigate, take a look at. ex. "Hey, check out this website. It's really cool!"
2) To leave a hotel, airport, etc. ex. "My wife checked out of the hospital yesterday."

Cheer up:
To become cheerful; *To cheer someone up means to make someone feel better.* ex. "A good song will always cheer me up when I'm feeling down."

Chicken out:
To initially want to do something, but then to not do it (to back out) due to fear. ex. "He was going to say something to the teacher, but he chickened out."

Chill out:
To relax.

Chip in:
To contribute. ex. "We all have to chip in to buy Robert a present."

Clean out:
To completely remove everything (from somewhere). ex. "I cleaned out my locker before I left for the summer."

Clean up:
To clean; To tidy up.

Clear up:
To become sunny. (weather) ex. "Wow, the weather really cleared up!" To make something clear, understandable. ex. "I didn't understand at first, but he cleared everything up for me."

Close down:
To close a place permanently. ex. "I was sad to find out that they're going to close down my favorite restaurant."

Close in:
To approach, come close (physically). ex. "The rebels were closing in on the city."

Come about:
To happen.

Come across:
To find (by chance, etc.) ex. "I came across some of my old photos when I was cleaning my room."

Come along:
1) To accompany someone. ex. "I'm going to the mall; You can come along if you like."
2) To progress. ex. "How's your project coming along."

Come apart:
To fall apart. To break.

Come back:
To return. ex. "What time are you coming back tonight?"

Come by:
To come over. To drop by. To pay a visit. To visit. ex. "He came by last night.", "What time should I come by?"

Come down on:
To criticize. ex. "The president really came down on opposition party members for failing to pass the bill."

Come down with:
To catch (an illness). ex. "She came down with the flu."

Come forth:
To appear.

Come off as:
To give the impression of being. ex. "He comes off as being quite successful."

Come out:
1) To release (a book, CD, etc.) ex. "Muse are coming out with a new CD."
2) To reveal to others that one is gay. ex. "He came out to his parents last summer."

Come to:
To regain consciousness.

Come up:
To be raised (as a topic/issue during a conversation). ex. "That issue never came up during our conversation."

Come up against:
To encounter (a problem, an opponent, etc.) ex. "He came up against a lot of resistance from some of the conservative members of the committee."

Come up with:
To produce or create (an idea, a plan). ex. "The writer came up with a great plot for his new book."

Count on:
To rely or depend on. ex. "I'm your best friend and you can always count on me."

Cross out:
To put lines through something written, drawn, etc. ex. "Cross out your name."

Cut back on:
To not spend as much money on. ex. "We'll have to back on some luxury items this month."

Cut down on:
To reduce. ex. "My brother is trying to cut down on smoking."

Cut (someone) off:
When driving: to drive into someone's lane, blocking their way; When speaking: To interrupt, stop someone when s/he is speaking. ex. "I can't believe how that driver cut me off!"

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