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List of English phrasal verbs


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Face off:
To go head to head. To engage in a game, competition, etc. Example: "The two teams will face off again next week."

Face up to (something):
To accept responsibility for (something). Example: "In order to be a responsible person, you have to face up to what you did."

Fall back on:
To have as a backup; To have in case of an emergency. Example: "I always have my translating skills to fall back on if my acting career doesn't pan out."

Fall behind:
To fail to keep pace (with someone/something). Example: "The other runners fell behind."

Fall for:
1) To believe something that isn't true. Example: "I can't believe you fell for that story! It's obviously a lie!"
2) To fall in love with. Example: "He fell for her."

Fall off:
To decrease. Example: "Gold prices fell off last week."

Fall out:
To argue, quarrel. Example: "They fell out over the administration's handling of the war."

Fall through:
To not happen. Example: "Our plan to go to Europe last year fell through because we didn't have enough money."

Feel out:
To try to determine. Example: "Jim's a very moody person. You should feel out his mood before you ask him for any favors."

Feel (someone) up:
To touch someone in a passionate, sexual way.

Feel up to:
To feel good/comfortable/strong enough to. Example: "Do you feel up to going out tonight?"

Fend off (an attack, etc.):
To successfully resist, fight back; to fight off.

Figure out:
To solve or understand something. Example: "I can't figure out why she would lie to me like that."

Fill in:
To complete (in writing, etc.) Example: "Don't forget to fill in all the blanks on the application."

Fill in for:
To substitute for. Example: "I was unable to go to the meeting yesterday, but Tom filled in for me."

Fill out:
1) To complete (an application, form, etc.) Example: "Fill out this application and bring it back to me." 2) To gain weight, body mass. etc. Example: "Mike has really filled out over the past couple of years."

Find out:
To discover. Example: "He found out that his wife had been cheating on him."

Find your way around:
To have good knowledge of the layout/geography of a place/thing. Example: "I can find my way around Houston very easily.", "This sitemap will help you find your way around our website."

Fire away:
Mostly used as a command. "Fire away." = "Ask me what you want to ask me."

Fire off:
To send very quickly, as in an email, a letter, etc. Example: "I just have to fire off a couple of quick emails and I'll be with you in a second."

Fit in:
To belong or conform to some group, etc. Example: "I'm a rebel. I don't fit in."

Fizzle out:
To fade and then end weakly; to peter out. Example: "The party just kind of fizzled out."

Flick through (the channels):
To channel surf (to go from one TV channel to the next, seeing what's on TV). Also used as a synonym for "to flip through."

Flip through:
To look or glance through very quickly. Example: "He flipped through the newspaper."

Follow up on (something):
To go back to something that was talked about earlier, usually in order to check progress, discuss details, etc. Example: "I'm calling to follow up on our conversation this morning."

Fool around:
1) To play, joke around. Example: "The kids were fooling around outside."
2) To kiss and touch. Example: "Tom and Rachel were fooling around at the party."

Freak out: (very informal)
To go crazy/wild (because of emotion, anger, etc.) Example: "My friend freaked out when he found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him."

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