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Gang up on (someone):
To join forces to go against someone, verbally or physically. ex. "Her mother and her sister ganged up on me. They kept blaming me for everything."

Get (something) across to (someone):
To get someone to understand something. ex. "I tried and I tried, but I just couldn't get my message across to her."

Get along with:
To have a friendly relationship with. To be friendly toward. ex. "I like James, but I don't get along with his brother."

Get around:
1) To avoid doing something. ex. "You can't get around taking this exam, so you better start studying."
2) To move from place to place. ex. "In this city you need a car to get around."

Get around (TO something):
To have a chance/ time to do something ex. "I'm sorry, I haven't gotten around to reviewing your paper yet."

Get away:
To escape. ex. "The bank robbers got away."

Get behind:
To support, to start to support. ex. "Everyone got behind the plan."

Get by:
To survive (financially). ex. "It's hard for me to get by on the money I'm making."

Get in:
To come/arrive. To come home. ex. "P1: What time did you get in last night? P2: 2:00 AM."

Get on:
To enter (bus, plane, etc.) ex. "We got on the train in Paris." (IMPORTANT: With cars and trucks we generally use "to get IN" - eg. "Sarah got in the truck.")

Get off:
To leave (bus, plane, etc.) ex. "We have to get off at the next bus stop." (IMPORTANT: With cars and trucks we generally use "to get OUT" - eg. "Sarah got out of the car.")

Get on:
To continue. ex. "I found it hard to get on with my life after my girlfriend left me."

Get over:
To accept/stop thinking about. ex. "I can't get over the fact that she left me."

Get up:
To wake up and get out of bed. ex. "What time to did you get up this morning?"

Give away:
1) To give something for free. ex. "When Nancy found out she was moving, she gave away all her furniture."
2) To reveal. ex. "There's no point in going out to see that movie. Nancy gave away the ending yesterday."

Give in:
To stop trying (to fight something). ex. "Tom gave in to his parents' pressure and became a doctor."

Give off:
To release (a smell, a light) ex. "That yellow flower gives off a wonderful smell."

Give up:
To surrender, concede, stop trying, etc. ex. "You should always keep trying. Don't give up!"

Go away:
To leave. ex. "I told him to go away, but he wouldn't leave."

Go off:
1) To explode. ex. "The bomb could go off at any moment."
2) To start (signal, alarm, warning siren, etc.) ex. "My alarm went off at 7:00 AM, but I just couldn't get up."

Go on:
To continue. ex. "Go on, tell me the rest of the story."

Go out:
1) To leave the house (and partake in social activities - bar, club, restaurant, etc.) ex. "My cousin loves to party. She goes out every night."
2) To stop burning (a fire). ex. "After the fire went out, it became very cold."

Go out with:
To have a romantic relationship with. To be boyfriend and girlfriend. ex. "Is she really going out with him?"

Go over:
To review. ex. "Let's go over your test."

Grow on (someone):
When something "grows on" you, it means you begin liking it after initially not liking it. ex. "When I first heard that CD, I really hate it, but it's beginning to grow on me."

Grow up:
To be raised. To become an adult. ex. "I grew up in San Diego."; "These days children grow up too fast."

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