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List of English phrasal verbs


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Gang up on (someone):
To join forces to go against someone, verbally or physically. Example: "Her mother and her sister ganged up on me. They kept blaming me for everything."

Get (something) across to (someone):
To get someone to understand something. Example: "I tried and I tried, but I just couldn't get my message across to her."

Get along with:
To have a friendly relationship with. To be friendly toward. Example: "I like James, but I don't get along with his brother."

Get around:
1) To avoid doing something. Example: "You can't get around taking this exam, so you better start studying."
2) To move from place to place. Example: "In this city you need a car to get around."

Get around (TO something):
To have a chance/ time to do something Example: "I'm sorry, I haven't gotten around to reviewing your paper yet."

Get away:
To escape. Example: "The bank robbers got away."

Get behind:
To support, to start to support. Example: "Everyone got behind the plan."

Get by:
To survive (financially). Example: "It's hard for me to get by on the money I'm making."

Get in:
To come/arrive. To come home. Example: "P1: What time did you get in last night? P2: 2:00 AM."

Get on:
To enter (bus, plane, etc.) Example: "We got on the train in Paris." (IMPORTANT: With cars and trucks we generally use "to get IN" - eg. "Sarah got in the truck.")

Get off:
To leave (bus, plane, etc.) Example: "We have to get off at the next bus stop." (IMPORTANT: With cars and trucks we generally use "to get OUT" - eg. "Sarah got out of the car.")

Get on:
To continue. Example: "I found it hard to get on with my life after my girlfriend left me."

Get over:
To accept/stop thinking about. Example: "I can't get over the fact that she left me."

Get up:
To wake up and get out of bed. Example: "What time to did you get up this morning?"

Give away:
1) To give something for free. Example: "When Nancy found out she was moving, she gave away all her furniture."
2) To reveal. Example: "There's no point in going out to see that movie. Nancy gave away the ending yesterday."

Give in:
To stop trying (to fight something). Example: "Tom gave in to his parents' pressure and became a doctor."

Give off:
To release (a smell, a light). Example: "That yellow flower gives off a wonderful smell."

Give up:
To surrender, concede, stop trying, etc. Example: "You should always keep trying. Don't give up!"

Go away:
To leave. Example: "I told him to go away, but he wouldn't leave."

Go off:
1) To explode. Example: "The bomb could go off at any moment."
2) To start (signal, alarm, warning siren, etc.) Example: "My alarm went off at 7:00 AM, but I just couldn't get up."

Go on:
To continue. Example: "Go on, tell me the rest of the story."

Go out:
1) To leave the house (and partake in social activities - bar, club, restaurant, etc.) Example: "My cousin loves to party. She goes out every night."
2) To stop burning (a fire). Example: "After the fire went out, it became very cold."

Go out with:
To have a romantic relationship with. To be boyfriend and girlfriend. Example: "Is she really going out with him?"

Go over:
To review. Example: "Let's go over your test."

Grow on (someone):
When something "grows on" you, it means you begin liking it after initially not liking it. Example: "When I first heard that music, I didn't really like it. Later, it began to grow on me."

Grow up:
To be raised. To become an adult. Examples: "I grew up in San Diego."; "These days children grow up too fast."

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