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List of English phrasal verbs


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Hand in
To submit (a report, assignment, essay). Example: "I have to hand in my assignment at 8 AM tomorrow morning."

Hand out:
To distribute. Example: "William, please hand these copies out to the class."

Hang on:
To hold on. To wait.

Hang up:
To end a phone conversation. Example: "We got into a huge fight on the phone and she hung up on me."

Hang out:
To spend time in a place chilling, relaxing, etc. Example: "Like most teenagers, she loves to hang out in the mall."

Hear from (someone):
To receive news from (someone) Example: "Have you heard from Robert lately?"

Hear of (something/someone):
To know/ be familiar with (something/someone). Example: "I have never heard of that band."

Hit on (someone):
To flirt with (someone). Example: "That guy was hitting on me all night at the club."

Hold off on (something):
To delay (something). Example: "Let's hold off on making dinner until your roommates come back."

Hold on:
To wait. Example: "I have never heard of that band."

Hold up:
1) To delay. Example: "I'm sorry we're late. We got held up at the airport."
2) To rob. Example: "My sister is very upset. Two men held her up and took her purse and jewelry."

Hook up (with someone):
To meet with someone (*be careful because this often has sexual overtones*) Example: "We hooked up last weekend."

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