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List of English phrasal verbs


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Keel over:
To fall over and faint. Example: "One of the dancers keeled over from the heat."

Keep (something) around
To have (something) handy. To have access to (something). Example: "I like to keep some change around to do laundry."

Keep back:
To maintain a distance. Example: "Keep back! That driver seems like he's drunk."

Keep on:
To continue. Example: "He kept on talking until I told him to stop."

Keep (someone) out:
To prevent (someone) from entering/participating. Example: "He was upset at having been kept out of the decision-making process."

Keep up:
1) To keep (someone) up: To make someone stay awake. Example: "The party kept me up all night."
2) To manage to stay on schedule, or to do the required work on time. Example: "I've got too much work! I'm finding it hard to keep up."

Kick around:
To think about. Example: "I've been kicking around the idea of writing a book."

Kick back:
To relax. Example: "Hey, you're on vacation. Just kick back and relax."

Kick off:
To start. Example: "They kicked off the fundraiser with a concert."

Kick out:
To throw out. To expel. Example: "They kicked him out of school."

Knock (something) down:
To destroy. ('To knock (someone) down' means to cause someone to fall due to a strong hit, etc.) Examples: "They knocked down that wall during the renovation.", "He knocked him down with one punch."

Knock out:
To make unconscious. Example: "The boxing match ended when the German boxer was knocked out in the third round."

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