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List of English phrasal verbs


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Lay down:
To establish. Example: "If you would like to stay here, we should lay down some rules."

Lay into:
To criticize (severely). Example: "His mother really laid into him whenever he came home late."

Lay off:
1) To (temporarily or permanently) suspend someone from work. Example: "General Motors had to lay off 3,000 workers last month." 2) To stop using. Example: "You should really lay off the alcohol."

Lead on:
To make someone think that something (romantic) will happen, while knowing that it will not. Example: "I thought she really liked me. But she was just leading me on!"

Let down:
To disappoint. Example: "He really let me down by not showing up on Friday."

Let on:
To pretend, act. Example: "He let on like he hadn't heard that I had been fired."

Let up:
To lose some intensity. Example: "By the time the storm let up, half the city had been flooded."

Lie down:
To recline and rest. Example: "I'm tired. I have to lie down for a little while."

Light up:
1) To start smoking a cigarette. Example: "In Los Angeles, you're not allowed to light up in bars or restaurants." 2) To illuminate. Example: "The stars lit up the sky."

Let out:
Release. Example: "They let him out of the hospital on Friday."

Live on:
To survive on. Example: "It's hard to live on bread and water alone."

Log on/in to:
To enter a username/password combination to be allowed access to a computer, email account, etc. Example: "The system is not allowing me to log in for some reason."

Look after:
To take care of. Example: "I'll look after your dog while you're in Spain."

Look down on:
To see someone or something as being worse, inferior. Example: "Arrogant people often look down on others."

Look up:
To check and find (in a dictionary, etc.) Example: "I tried to look that word up, but it wasn't in the dictionary."

Look up to (someone):
To admire (someone). Example: "He is a leader in the community and many people look up to him."

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