English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises
List of English phrasal verbs


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Make fun of (someone):
To laugh at; to make jokes about (someone). Example: "The other kids always made fun of John."

Make of:
To understand/ interpret. Example: "What do you make of his comments?" (How would you interpret his comments?)

Make out:
1) To decipher/ understand. Example: "He always mumbles; I can never make out what he's saying."
2) To kiss and touch (passionately). Example: "The two college students were making out in the park."

Make (someone) over:
To change someone's appearance.

Make (someone) out (to be something):
To make someone seem like something. Example: "They made her out to be some kind of monster."

Make up:
1) To fabricate, invent. Example: "He made up a story about how he got robbed on the way to work."
2) To reconcile. Example: "They had a big fight, but then they made up right away."

Make up for:
To compensate for. Example: "He made up for what he said by inviting her to a movie."

Mark down:
To lower a price. Example: "All these items have been marked down. They are on sale."

Mark up:
To increase a price. Example: "Retailers had to mark up their prices in order to cover expenses."

Mess up:
To spoil, to make a mistake. Example: "I messed up on that question."

Measure up:
To be of an equally high quality. Example: "These new products don't measure up to our standards."

Mix up:
To confuse. To get it wrong. Example: "Whenever I go to that restaurant, they always mix up my order."

Move in:
To start living in an apartment, house, with someone, etc. Example: "Tom moved in with his girlfriend."

Move on:
To continue. Example: "Let's move on. What's the next topic?"

Move out:
To stop living in an apartment, house, etc. Example: "Sarah moved out last month. She moved in with her mother."

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