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Pan out:
To happen; to occur. ex. "Our trip to Vietnam didn't pan out."

Pass away:
To die. ex. "His grandfather passed away last month."

Pass for (something/someone):
To be able to be accepted as (something/someone). ex. "He's 37, but he can pass for 30."; "He can pass for being Italian."

Pass on:
1) To tell or transmit. ex. "He passed the news on to the president."
2) To not take or accept. ex. "I'll buy the blouse, but I'll pass on the pants."

Pass out:
1) To faint. ex. "The woman passed out from the heat."
2) To distribute. ex. "The demonstrators were passing out flyers."

Pass (something) up:
To let (something) go by. ex. "I passed up a great opportunity to make a lot of money."

Pay back:
To repay. To get revenge. ex. "P1: Why is she being so mean to him? P2: She is paying him back for all the years he was mean to her."

Pay off:
1) To complete payment. ex. "I won't be able to pay off my student loan for another 10 years."
2) To bribe. ex. "The police were obviously paid off to stay away."

Pick on:
To harass. To intentionally make someone upset. ex. "You shouldn't pick on him just because he's different."

Pick up:
1) To come and get someone (usually in a car). ex. "I have to pick the kids up at school."
2) To notice. ex. "She picked up on his bad mood"
3) To meet someone and initiate a (sexual) relationship. ex. "Some sleazy guy was trying to pick me up last night."

Play down:
To diminish the significance of. To make something sound less important. ex. "The CEO tried to play down the dismal financial report."

Play up:
To exaggerate the significance of. To make something sound more important. ex. "He likes to play up the fact that he was raised in a tough neighborhood."

Point out:
To indicate. To bring to someone's attention. ex. "I'd like to point out that two of the bank robbers were from Canada."

Polish off:
To finish. ex. "Peter polished off the rest of the spaghetti."

Pull in:
To drive in. To park. ex. "They pulled in to the Taco Bell to grab something to eat."

Pull (something) off:
To succeed in doing something (that seemed un doable, unrealistic, hard to do, etc.) ex. "I can't believe she pulled it off. I was sure she was going to fail."

Pull over:
When driving - To stop.

Put (someone) down:
To make negative remarks about (someone). ex. "He was a very mean boy who always put down everyone around him."

Pull over:
To drive a vehicle to the side of the road. ex. "Pull over by those bushes. I have to go to the bathroom."

Put (someone) on:
To try to trick someone (usually not in a serious/malicious way - often as a joke/for fun). ex. "You're putting me on! He didn't really say that, did he?"

Put (something) off:
To delay doing (something) until a later time. ex. "Why do you keep putting this off? Just do it, and get it over with."

Put out:
When speaking about CDs, etc. - To release. ex. "The Killers put out a new CD last month."

Put (someone) up:
To have someone as a guest in one's home; To allow someone to sleep in your home. ex. "It was really kind of your uncle to put me up for a week"

Put up with:
To tolerate. ex. "I can't put up with his behavior any longer."

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