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Tack on:
To add (usually used in a negative way). ex. "The lawyer tried to tack on an additional $100 in fees."

Tag along:
To accompany (someone). ex. "Do you mind if I tag along? = Do you mind if I come with you?"

Tail off:
To decrease in intensity, effectiveness, etc. ex. "The protests tailed off as the night wore on."

Take aback:
To surprise (almost always used in the form - "to be taken aback"). ex. "I was taken aback by his reaction."

Take after:
To resemble (a person). ex. "She really takes after her father."

Take apart:
To disassemble. ex. "She took the computer apart, but couldn't reassemble it afterwards."

Take care of:
1) To provide care for. ex. "John took good care of his car and ended up selling it for a lot of money."
2) To assume responsibility for doing. ex. "Who's going to tell him? I'll take care of it."

Take down:
To write (down). ex. "Take this down."

Take in:
1) To shelter. ex. "They took in two stray cats."
2) To process, remember (when someone is teaching you something). ex. "All this information is just too much to take in at one time."

Take off:
1) To remove. ex. "Please take off your hat when you're indoors."
2) To leave. To split. ex. "I think I'm going to take off - I'm really tired."
3) To leave the ground (plane or rocket). ex. "When the plane took off I felt very nervous."

Take on:
To assume. To accept. ex. "I took on another project."

Take out:
1) To invite someone to go out to a cafe, restaurant, etc. ex. "I took my mom out to diner on her birthday."
2) To borrow a book, cd, etc. from the library. ex. "Tom took out three books and two DVDs from the library."
3) To get, obtain. (money from an ATM, insurance, etc.) ex. "Tom took out $100 dollars from the ATM.", "We took out a life insurance policy."
4) To arrange to have someone killed. ex. "The mafia took him out."

Take (something) out on:
To abuse or yell at someone because one is angry, even though that someone is not the cause of the anger. ex. "Why do you always take your anger out on me?"

Take over:
To take control over. ex. "After Jim retired, Nancy took over the family business."

Take up:
To start (a habit, hobbby, etc.) ex. "He took up bowling."

Take (something) upon oneself:
To take/assume responsibility for something. ex. "I'm going to take it upon myself to make sure he improves his English."

Talk back:
To respond in a rude, or agressive way. ex. "Don't talk back to your father like that!"

Talk down to:
To talk to someone in a condescending way, like they were less intelligent than you. ex. "He always talks down to his little brother."

Talk (someone) into (something):
To convince/persuade someone (by talking to them) to do something. ex. "He talked me into buying a Mazda."

Talk (someone) out of (something):
To convince/persuade someone (by talking to them) NOT to do something.. ex. "I was going to buy a Mazda, but my cousin talked me out of it."

Talk (something) over:
To discuss. ex. "It's a good deal, but I have to talk it over with my husband."

Talk (someone) through (something):
To guide someone through something (usually a process, instructions, etc.) ex. "I started to unerstand the process after Bill talked me through it."

Tear into:
To criticize severely. ex. "Barack Obama really tore into Mitt Romney during their debate."

Tear up:
To tear (a piece of paper, etc.) into pieces. ex. "The student tore up his report card when he saw his grades."

Tell off:
To criticize (sometimes severely). ex. "I told the babysitter off for not taking good care of my son."

Tell on:
To report bad behavior. ex. "Every time I did something wrong when I was a child, my brother would tell on me."

Think (something) over:
To consider or reconsider (something). ex. "Think it over. Maybe you'll decide to join us."

Think up:
To create or invent (a story, plan, etc.) Often used to mean that someone is lying about something. ex. "He thought up some story. "

Throw away/ Throw out:
To put something in the garbage. To discard. ex. "Maria, stop playing with that paper. Throw it out!"

Throw (someone) off:
To make someone lose their concentration/ to mislead someone. ex. "I know you're doing that just to throw me off, but it's not going to work."

Throw up:
To vomit. ex. "If you drink too much alcohol, you might throw up."

Tick off:
To upset. To annoy. ex. "He really ticked me off! = He really upset me!"

Tie up:
1) To be blocked, stuck. Often used to talk about traffic. ex. "Traffic is tied up for miles."
2) To be busy. ex. "I'm sorry, Mr. Smith is tied up in a meeting right now."

Tip off:
To let someone know that something is going to happen. To let someone know where someone/something is, etc. ex. "Someone tipped the police off about where he was hiding."

Tone down:
To makes less extreme, more moderate. ex. "He toned down his speech to appeal to more people."

Touch down:
To land. (Plane, rocket, etc.) ex. "The plane touched down an hour ago."

Try back:
To call someone again because he/she isn't around. ex. "Richard isn't around right now. Try back in 30 minutes."

Try on:
To put on a piece of clothing to see how it fits. ex. "She tried on seven dresses, but didn't like any of them."

Try out:
When talking about teams, bands, etc. - To attempt to become accepted as a member. ex. "She tried out for the basketball team, but they told her that she was too short."

Tuck (someone) in:
To put someone to bed, making sure that his/her pillows, sheets, etc. are comfortable. ex. "When I was a child, my mom used to tuck me in every night."

Tuck away:
To set aside, to hide. ex. "He tucked away the money that his grandfather gave him."

Tune in:
To watch something on TV, to listen to the radio/a podcast. ex. "Tune in to our live ESL podcast every Monday at 7:00 PM."

Turn down:
To reject. To say no to. ex. "The new candidate turned down the job offer."

Turn in:
To go to bed. ex. "It's late. We're going to turn in."

Turn into:
To become. To transform into. ex. "The frog turned into a Prince after the Princess kissed him."

Turn on:
1) To start by turning a handle or switch. ex. "Turn on the light - it's dark in here."
2) To turn (someone) on - To excite (often sexually). ex. "Girls like that really turn me on."

Turn out:
1) To produce an unexpected result. ex. "I thought he was an honest man, but it turns out he had been lying to me all along."
2) To appear. To come. (to a protest, an event, etc.) ex. "500,000 people turned out for the concert."

Turn up:
Appear. To be found. ex. "I'm sure your wallet will turn up somewhere."

Turn (something) up:
To make something louder. ex. "Turn up the radio - I love that song!"

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