Harsh conditions for Australians quarantined on Christmas Island

Australian citizens on Christmas Island have shared an insight into quarantine, saying the centre is “worse than a prison” with shared bathrooms leading to fears of contracting the coronavirus.

There are 241 Australian citizens and residents who have been ferried to the island to stay in quarantine for 14 days after being evacuated from coronavirus-hit Wuhan. A pregnant woman and her partner have instead been taken to Perth and placed in isolation as there are no maternity facilities on the island.

Families told the ABC conditions were unhygienic, with cockroaches and slow internet, however others said it was not too bad.

Belinda Chen told the broadcaster her children were “too scared to touch their beds”.

“The hygiene issues make it worse than a prison,” she said. “I understood that there would be very limited facilities here, but the actual condition is no facilities at all. Another man, Kai Zhang, said it was “not very good, but still acceptable”.

“The only thing I’m not used to is the food here, it’s not very ideal for us. I hope with more staff to follow up our conditions, this can be improved,” he said.

(c) AFP 01/30/2020

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