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Topic: Planning a Trip/ Travel

1. We still have to (book/make) a hotel and to buy our plane tickets.

2. I'm leaving tomorrow and I still haven't (packed/stacked) my suitcases.

3. I always get great deals on hotels because my friend is a (trip/travel) agent.

4. A "bed and " (breakfast/food) is a private home which takes in guests.

5. It is often very expensive to travel during (peak/expensive) season.

6. Arranging "" (acclimations/ accommodations) means arranging a place to stay (like a hotel, guest house, etc.)

7. Travel agents often ask you whether or not you would like to buy traveler's (insurance/policy).

8. A (package/combined) tour/holiday is one that includes air, hotel, and often food.

9. A (connecting/connect) flight requires a passenger to change from one plane to another.

10. If you lose something at an airport, you should check at the airport's lost-and- (find/found) office.

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