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TOPIC 1: Using genetically modified moths to control pests

TOPIC 2: The end of petrol cars in the UK

TOPIC 3: The new coronavirus is turning Macau into a ghost town

TOPIC 4: Harsh conditions for Australians quarantined on Christmas Island

TOPIC 5: Swimming under Antarctic ice (melting glaciers/ climate change)

TOPIC 6: Drop in arrests along the US/Mexican border

TOPIC 7: World War 2 bomb found in London

TOPIC 8: Heavy rains put out many Australian fires

TOPIC 9: Donald Trump's 2021 budget plans

TOPIC 10: Racism and its consequences at a Michigan school

TOPIC 11: Homework or no homework?

TOPIC 12: Netanyahu's corruption trial

TOPIC 13: Storm Dennis damaging the UK

TOPIC 14: Post-Brexit worker shortage?

TOPIC 15: Ban on some polluting fuels

TOPIC 16: Bedbugs in Paris

TOPIC 17: Cutting trees to build cars in Germany

TOPIC 18: Pesticides and bumblebees

TOPIC 19: Asteroid flying close to our planet

TOPIC 20: Mini-moon

TOPIC 21: The high cost of renting an apartment in London

TOPIC 22: The personality of drivers of expensive cars

TOPIC 23: Romulus shrine discovered in Rome

TOPIC 24: The connection between too much sugar and not sleeping well

TOPIC 25: A cause of obesity in young children


Airlines cut flights, routes

Making the United States a less bilingual place

New regulations for illegal immigrants in the European Union

Outdoor activity injury statistics

Public tax returns in Scandinavia

Rembrandt self-portrait

Can a healthy lifestyle alter your genes?

Japan's convenience stores → not 24/7?

Harsh interrogation methods by the US

Cracking down on illegal hiring in the UK

Gas stations → no more credit cards?

Global warming

Fake funeral scam

A White House dog's best friend

Reviving the National Meatless Program

US eases regulations on traveling to Cuba

The sad fate of Japan's shelter dogs

American veterinarians helping animals abroad

Was Coco Chanel a Nazi spy?

Using real animals in movies

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