English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises

TOPIC: Asteroid flying close to our planet

STEP 1 - Read the following article: READING COMPREHENSION ARTICLE 19

STEP 2 - Answer these questions (choose the best answer):

1. Scientists estimate that the asteroid in question is at least _________ miles wide.
  1.1 to 2.5

2. Could an asteroid this size potentially have adverse global effects if it collided with the Earth?
  the article doesn't say

3. Is this the biggest asteroid ever to pass by our planet?
  scientists aren't sure

4. When will the asteroid called "3122 Florence" fly by Earth?
  April 29 of this year

5. Which of the following is NOT true?
  Scientists regularly monitor asteroids that have a chance to collide with our planet.
  It is impossible that an asteroid could collide with Earth.
  There are thousands of asteroids that could potentially come into our orbit.

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