English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises

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Welcome to our online vocabulary tests section. We've developed a wide variety of exercises to help you learn new English words/vocabulary, and to practice the words you already know. Each exercise centers around one theme/topic, and uses only common English words and expressions.

Talking about work 1
Talking about work 2
Talking about work 3
Describing people in English 1
Describing people in English 2
Describing people in English 3
Describing people in English 4
Describing people in English 5
In the city (things/places) 1
In the city (things/places) 2
Professions 1
Talking about movies 1
Talking about movies 2
Talking about movies 3
Nationalities 1 (North and South America)
Nationalities 2 (Asia)
Nationalities 3 (Europe I)
Nationalities 4 (Europe II)
Nationalities 5 (Africa)
Bicycle parts
Driving 1
Driving 2
Restaurant (customers & staff) 1
Restaurant (customers & staff) 2
Restaurant (customers & staff) 3
Cleaning the house 1
Cleaning the house 2
Traveling/Planning a trip 1
Traveling/Planning a trip 2
Traveling/Planning a trip 3
Traveling/Planning a trip 4
Family members 1
Housework and household chores 1
Around the house 1
Around the house 2
Around the bedroom/sleeping 1
Around the bedroom/sleeping 2
Emotions & Feelings 1
Emotions & Feelings 2
Emotions & Feelings 3
Emotions & Feelings 4
Emotions & Feelings 5
TV/ Radio
Talking about TV shows
Doctor/Illness 1
Doctor/Illness 2
Doctor/Illness 3
Food/ Cooking 1
Food/ Cooking 2
Food/ Cooking 3
Food/ Cooking 4
Food/ Cooking 5
In the kitchen 1
In the kitchen 2
In the bathroom 1
Talking about the weather 1
Talking about the weather 2
Talking about the weather 3
Everyday Problems 1
Everyday Problems 2
Climate change/global warming 1
Climate change/global warming 2
Environmental topics/concerns 1
Environmental topics/concerns 2
Environmental topics/concerns 3
Environmental topics/concerns 4
At the hotel 1
At the hotel 2
At the hotel 3
Love/Marriage/Romance/Flirting 1
Love/Marriage/Romance/Flirting 2
Love/Marriage/Romance/Flirting 3
Online shopping 1
Online shopping 2
Beach-related vocabulary 1
Beach-related vocabulary 2
Birthday-related vocabulary 1
Common Vocabulary Mistakes 1
Common Vocabulary Mistakes 2
Common Vocabulary Mistakes 3
Common Vocabulary Mistakes 4
One word or two? 1
One word or two? 2
At a Party 1
At a Party 2
Drinking/ Bars/ Pubs
Apartment (Renting)
Buying a house/apartment 1
Buying a house/apartment 2
College/University 1
College/University 2
College/University 3
Shopping/ Mall 1
Shopping/ Mall 2
Cell/Mobile Phone
Web Hosting Terms
Politics/Elections/Voting 1
Politics/Elections/Voting 2
Politics/Elections/Voting 3
Politics/Elections/Voting 4
Renovations/Home Improvement 1
Renovations/Home Improvement 2
The language of sports 1
The language of sports 2
The language of sports 3 (Olympics)
The language of sports 4 (Olympics)
The language of sports 5 (Olympics)
The language of sports 6 (Olympics)
The language of sports 7 (Olympics)
The language of sports 8 (Olympics)
Dancing/dance lessons 1
Dancing/dance lessons 2

ENGLISH FOR NEW IMMIGRANTS: A section for newcomers to an English-speaking country to be able to practice English related to things you might have to do every day. The new English vocabulary you learn will help you integrate into society and make life in your new country easier.
At the pharmacy
Talking to the doctor
At the vet
Health care/health insurance
Talking to the landlord
At the post office
Talking to the plumber
Getting a mobile phone (cellphone)
At the library
At the airport
Talking to the dentist
Talking to the police
Renting an apartment
Public transportation
Arranging utilities (electricity, etc.)
Getting a driver's license
Daycare 1
Daycare 2
Child care emergency
Buying a car
Talking about mental health/emotional problems
At the bank
Talking to immigration officers 1
Talking to immigration officers 2

KEYWORD-BASED IDIOMS (for high-intermediate and advanced students)
Idioms using "COME"
Idioms using "GET" 1
Idioms using "GET" 2
Idioms using "GIVE"
Idioms using "HOLD"
Idioms using "MAKE"
Idioms using "PULL"
Idioms using "SEE"
Idioms using "SPEAK"
Idioms using "TAKE"
Idioms using "DROP"
Idioms using "HIT"
Idioms using "END"
Idioms using "FALL"
Idioms using "GOOD"
Idioms using "HAND"
Idioms using "HARD"
Idioms using "KNOW"
Idioms using "LUCK"
Idioms using "MONEY"
Idioms using "RUN"

Olympics - Which sport? 1
Olympics - Which sport? 2
The Olympic Games - General terms
The parts of a face
Animals 1
Animals 2
Animals 3
Around the bathroom
Around the kitchen
Around the bedroom
Vocabulary matching: Food/containers
Things you see in a city
Around the car/ parts of a car
Fruit 1
Things in and around a school

Christmas 1
Christmas 2
Christmas (Visual matching) 1
Christmas (Visual matching) 2
New Year's Eve/New Year's Day
Martin Luther King Day
Valentine's Day
Presidents Day
St. Patrick's Day
April Fools' Day
Cinco De Mayo
Mother's Day/ Father's Day
Memorial Day
Canada Day
Independence Day (USA)
Labor Day
Thanksgiving 1
Thanksgiving 2

Bank teller
Bus driver
Construction worker
General Business Terms 1
General Business Terms 2
General Business Terms 3
General Business Terms 4
General Business Terms 5
General Business Terms 6
Job interview/ Looking for work 1
Job interview/ Looking for work 2
Job interview/ Looking for work 3
Sales and Marketing Terms
Days of the week
Months of the year
Antonyms 1
Antonyms 2
Compound adjectives in English 1
Compound adjectives in English 2
Compound adjectives in English 3
Compound adjectives in English 4
Compound adjectives in English 5
Compound adjectives in English 6
Compound adjectives in English 7
Compound nouns 1
Compound nouns 2
Which suffix? -FUL or -LESS? 1
Which suffix? -FUL or -LESS? 2
Which word: WATCH, LOOK, or SEE? 1
Which word: WATCH, LOOK, or SEE? 2
Which word: MISTAKE or ERROR? 1
Which word: TOO or ENOUGH? 1
Which word: LISTEN or HEAR? 1
Which word: LEND or BORROW? 1
Which word: TO, TOO, or TWO? 1
AS or LIKE 1
AS or LIKE 2
Which word: END or FINISH?
Which word: LIFE, LIVE, or LIVING?
Which verb: to TELL, to SPEAK, to TALK, or to SAY? 1
Which verb: to TELL, to SPEAK, to TALK, or to SAY? 2
Homonyms/Homophones 1
Homonyms/Homophones 2
Homonyms/Homophones 3
Quiz: LAY or LIE? 1
Quiz: LAY or LIE? 2

英語の語彙を練習する / vokabeln wortschatz englisch / verbesserung ihres englisch-wortschatzes / ordforrådsøvelser / ordforrådsøvelser / lær engelsk ordforråd / engelska ordförrådsövning / engelska ordförrådsövningar / englannin sanaston harjoituksia / engelse woordenschatoefeningen / 영어 단어 연습 / 영어 단어 연습

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