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Welcome to our "English for new immigrants" section. We have created this "life-skills" section for newcomers to an English-speaking country to be able to practice English related to things you might have to do every day. The new vocabulary you learn will help you integrate into society and make life in your new country easier. Most of these questions use our patented approach, which combines both grammar and vocabulary training, and spans a range of levels from low-intermediate to low-advanced.

Topic: AT THE BANK 1


Credit score = A score, based on someone's credit history, that is used to determine how "credit-worthy" that person is

Teller = Bank employee who deals with customers' transactions

Window = The area in the bank where a teller serves customers

To wire = To transfer (usually money)

Statement = A record of all transactions in an account (often by month)
Balance = The amount of money in an account


1. I'd like to open a ____________ account.
  check it

2. This is the only _____________ that I have.

3. What is the minimum _____________ required to open this account? = How much money do I have to put into the account at the beginning?

4. What is the monthly ______________ for this account? = How much money do I have to pay every month to keep this account?

5. I would like to ______________ ( = to take out) fifty dollars.

6. I'd like to ________________ money from my checking account to my savings account.

7. A _________________ card is used to take money out of your account from an ATM (bank machine). You can also use it to buy things when shopping.

8. Is there a _____________ ( = another location of the same bank) closer to where I live?

9. I'd like to _____________ this account.

10. My credit card _____________. I'd like to get a new one.

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You have to activate this card before you can use it. = You have to verify some information about yourself (usually online) before you can use this card.

We need to see picture ID. = We need some form of identification with your photo on it.

Your credit card is maxed out. = You have reached the spending limit on your credit card.

We'll wave the fee. = You won't have to pay the fee.

Your loan application was not approved. = The bank decided not to loan you money (give you a loan).


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