English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises

Topic: Job interview/ Looking for work 2

1. After you had your interview, it's a good idea to ____________ ( = to get in touch by saying thank you, asking about their decision, etc.) with the employer.
  follow up
  follow through

2. A good way to follow up is by sending a ____________ note.
  thank you

3. The interviewers were impressed with Jim's positive ____________.

4. P1: How's the dress code at your company? Is it formal? P2: No, it's ____________.

5. When the interviewer concludes the interview, offer a firm handshake and make eye ____________.

6. I looked at your resume and noticed that you have some ____________ in your employment history.
  missing time

7. P1: I got a ____________ from Google. P2: Really? Did you accept it?
  job proposal
  job offer

8. What's another word for a "job search"?
  job mission
  job hunt

9. Don't forget to look through the ____________ in your newspaper.
  job listings
  job articles

10. P1: What are some of the ____________ your company provides? P2: Let's see... A free dental plan, three weeks paid vacation, etc.

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