English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises


Web Hosting/ Internet/ Domain Names, etc.

1. I ________ a domain name.

2. Who ________ your website?

3. P1: My hosting plan gives me unlimited data ________. P2: Mine offers 6 GB ________ per month.

4. I registered a domain but I am not using it. My domain name is ________.

5. Many web hosting companies offer their clients free web site ________, which will give you information about the visitors who come to your site.

6. P1: Do you pay for your web hosting a year in advance? P2: No, I pay ________.
  by a month

7. Many web hosting companies offer free ________ name registration when you buy a hosting plan.

8. I built my web sites with the ________ provided by my web host.

9. Could you tell me more about the different types of hosting ________ that you offer?

10. P1: Is your web host ________? P2: No, it's very expensive!
  low price

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