English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises

ELL/ESL: Talking about jobs/occupations in English: Doctor
Practice choosing the right word when speaking in English about what a doctor does

A doctor, also known as a (physician/physique), helps people when they are sick. There are many different kinds of doctors who (specialize/specify) in various fields of medicine. Some work in hospitals, while others work in private (locations/clinics). In most countries, doctors (make/take) very good money. It is a highly respected profession, and many small children say they hope to become doctors when they (throw/grow) up. In many parts of the world, the doctor that most people see first is called a "general practitioner". He or she will often (examine/excavate) a patient to see what's wrong. After determining the cause of the patient's (ill/illness), the doctor can (prescribe/prevent) medicine to help the patient feel better, or refer the patient to a (special/specialist). All doctors have to go through many years of (medicine/medical) college in order to become (qualified/quantified) to work.


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