English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises


REAL ESTATE: Buying a house or apartment 1

These exercises will help you practice vocabulary associated with buying or selling your house or apartment.

1. Which ________ are your looking in?

2. Can I take a look at the ________?
  floor plan
  floor diagram

3. We'd like to buy a new house, but first we'll have to talk to a bank about ________ it.

4. I'm sorry, but the price is not ________.

5. We're looking for a house with three ________.
  sleeping rooms

6. I'm sorry but that's a little out of our ________.
  price limit
  price range

7. If we want to buy this house, we'll have to take out a ________.

8. Most people agree that it's better to buy than ________.
  to rent
  to purchase

9. One of my good friends works in real estate. He's a real estate ________.

10. Let me think about it. I'll ________ tomorrow.
  let me know
  let you know

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