English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises

HOLIDAYS: Australia Day (January 26)

Choose the best word(s) from the following list to complete each sentence: diversity, concerts, recognise, territories, arrival, reflect on, adopted, ceremonies, announcement, vary.

1. Australia day is celebrated in all of the country's states and .

2. It does not celebrate Australian independence, but rather the in Australia of the first British settlers in 1788.

3. The term "Australia Day" was only in 1935.

4. Some of the fun things that happen on this day include community barbecues, festivals, and outdoor .

5. These days, many celebrations also reflect the ( = variety of social and ethnic backgrounds) of Australia.

6. Official Australia Day events ( = differ) from city to city, but many of these include fireworks displays (the biggest one being in Perth).

7. Many Australians use this day to ( = think about) the country's history. About 50% of Australians think that the country's history is important to think about on this day.

8. Another tradition is the (by the Prime Minister) on this day of the Australian of the Year ward. This is given to someone who is said to have contributed considerably to the communinity and nation.

9. Citizenship ( = formal events) are held across the country on this day, with Australia Day being the most popular day of the year to become a citizen.

10. The vast majority of Australians believe that it is important to ( = acknowledge) the place of Indigenous Australians in their national identity on this day.


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