English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises

Topic: GREEN ENGLISH: Recycling, climate change, conservation, etc. 2

Welcome to "GREEN ENGLISH", our series of exercises on various environmental topics. Today's topic is GENERAL TERMS AND EXPRESSIONS. Choose the best, most natural-sounding response to complete each of the following sentences.

1. One of the basic human requirements is clean ________ water.
  to drink

2. The gradual increase in the Earth's temperature (warmer weather) and the temperature of the oceans is known as "global ________."

3. Global warming is seen by many as a ________ to humanity.

4. What are the giant masses of ice located near the North Pole and in Antarctica called?
  ice picks

5. Many people are concerned about how many forests are destroyed or ________ every year.

6. Forests, farmland, and oceans are known as "natural ________".

7. Human beings create a lot of ________. ( = waste) This ________ is often stored in places called "landfills".

8. One way to reduce the amount of garbage is by ________. This way, a plastic bottle can be melted to create other plastic bottles, a glass bottle can be used to make other glass bottles, etc.

9. When you recycle, you have to ________ paper, plastic, and other types of garbage.

10. To use something again = To ________ something

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