English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises

HOLIDAYS: Easter (Usually in April)

Choose the best response to complete each sentence.

1. Easter is a Christian religious holiday that commemorates the crucifixion and (resurrection/revival) of Jesus Christ. These days, Easter has a lot of (secular/sectional) traditions as well, which is why many non-Christians also celebrate it.

2. Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is an (efficient/official) or "public" holiday in some parts of the English-speaking world.

3. Easter and all of its related holidays (Good Friday, Lent, etc.) are known as (movers/movable) feasts/holidays, which means their date changes from year to year.

4. One of the main Easter traditions is (decorating/dressing) eggs, which involves painting them in a variety of colors.

5. On Easter Sunday, many people participate in a traditional Easter egg (look/hunt). The decorated eggs are hidden by the parents and the children have to look for them.

6. Many Christians (even the ones who don't normally go to church) attend (mass/sermon) on Easter Sunday.

7. A very popular symbol of Easter is the Easter (Bunny/Hare). Traditionally, he's the one who "hides" and delivers the eggs.

8. Many families place colored eggs, and other decorated items, in an Easter (basket/bowl). These are given to children when they wake up on Easter Sunday.

9. In England, many people (exchange/change) chocolate eggs instead of real ones.

10. Lent is a period of (fasting/feasting) — when one is not allowed to eat certain foods — which starts 40 days before Easter. Most people no longer (absolve/observe) Lent.

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