English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises

HOLIDAYS: Valentine's Day (February 14)

Choose the best response to complete each sentence.

1. Valentine's Day is a holiday that celebrates (romance/romantic) love, a day when lovers express their feeling for each other, often by exchanging gifts.

2. Chocolate, flowers, and jewelry are all (typical/topical) Valentine's Day presents.

3. The most traditional gift on this day is a Valentine's Day (card/note), which has a written message saying how much someone means to you.

4. Other modern symbols are the heart-shaped outline (shape of a heart) and the figure of Cupid, usually shown shooting his bow to (make/inspire) romantic love.

5. Many couples go out on romantic (dates/meetings) on Valentine's Day.

6. An example of the above is a (candlelight/candle-burning) dinner in a romantic restaurant.

7. When a boy asks you to be his "valentine", he wants you to simply (except/accept) the fact that he likes you. Sometimes this can also mean that he wants to (make/spend) time with you on Valentine's Day.

8. A (sweetheart/sweet-tooth) is a slightly outdated term meaning "the one I love".

9. If you're buying your loved one a (dozen/twelve) roses, it means you're buying her/him 12 roses.

10. Wow! What a beautiful (bucket/bouquet)! ( = arrangement of flowers usually given as a present).

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