English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises

Topic: Unemployment

1. Unemployment ____________ = money that is paid by the government to people who do not have a job.

2. Did you quit or were you ____________?

3. My friend tried to commit unemployment ____________, but he was caught.

4. I ____________ for unemployment benefits last week.

5. My benefits are automatically ____________ into my account every week.

6. People who receive benefits have to fill out a weekly ____________.

7. I didn't receive my check this week. It must have gotten ____________.
  lost in the mail
  lost in mail

8. An ____________ occurs when you receive (or pay) more money than you are legally entitled to.

9. You have to report all your ____________ on your weekly claim.

10. In legal terms, the "person making a claim" is the ____________.

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