English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises

HOLIDAYS: Thanksgiving 2

Choose the best response to complete each sentence.

1. Would you like another (part/piece) of pumpkin pie?

2. A (feast/fest) is an elaborate, ceremonial dinner party for many people.

3. Some say the (concept/conquest) of Thanksgiving comes from Native American culture. American Indians had celebrations of thanks for centuries before the (arrival/arrivals) of Europeans.

4. For many workers, Thanksgiving is what's known as a (payment/paid) holiday.

5. (Better/More) so than many other holidays, people see Thanksgiving as a day to spend time with their family. People often (voyage/travel) great distances to be with their families on this day.

6. For Thanksgiving dinner, guests often bring food (things/items) or help with cooking in the kitchen. This creates more of a (communal/community) meal.

7. Turkey is the (featured/keynote) item in most Thanksgiving feasts.

8. I wanted to make a special casserole, but I didn't have all the (ingredients/elements).

9. The sauce that one pours over a piece of turkey is called (gravy/groovy).


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