English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises

HOLIDAYS: Mother's Day/ Father's Day/ Grandparents' Day

Choose the best response to complete each sentence.

1. Mother's Day is a holiday, celebrated in many countries around the world, that honors mothers and (motherhood/moms).

2. Traditionally on this day, mothers receive a (bouquet/collection) of flowers, a gift, a greeting card, or a combination of these things.

3. According to a recent survey, in the United States, Mother's Day is the most popular day to dine (outside/out) in a restaurant. Taking one's mother out to a restaurant (senses/seems) to be a very popular present.

4. The holiday exists thanks to the (efforts/action) of Anna Jarvis, an American woman who campaigned to create a special holiday for mothers. She was (success/successful), and this version of the holiday later spread to other countries.

5. Father's Day is a (relatively/relative) recent holiday. In the United States it was only officially recognized in 1972.

6. Soon after the (creativity/creation) of Mother's Day (1922), a woman named Sonora Dodd promoted the idea of a national holiday to honor fathers.

7. Dodd's idea had (limited/limiting) success at the time, but eventually it (went/caught) on and became an official holiday.

8. These days fathers usually receive typically (masculine/muscular) gifts such as electronics and tools, as well as greeting cards.

9. An even more (recent/recently) holiday is "National Grandparents Day", which only obtained official (status/state) in the United States in 1978, and in Canada in 1995. Sadly, in North America this holiday is not as popular as Mother's Day or Father's Day.


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