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BUSINESS ENGLISH: Job Interview Terms/ Phrases 3

1. Talking about your experience and _____________ is the most important part of any job interview.

2. When you talk about your education, remember to use the past tense(s), for example: "I _____________ the University of South Australia from 2019 to 2023."

3. If you are currently studying, you can say something like: "I am _____________ studying at the University of Southern California."

4. P1: Do you have any special _____________ in your field? P2: Yes, I took a one-year course on Advanced Web Design in 2023.

5. Did you _____________ the fact that you speak five languages?

6. Most jobs require relevant experience. That's why it is important to explain what experience you have in _____________.

7. My supervisor was always very pleased with my _____________.

8. The development of a new database structure was one of my greatest _____________ in my last position.

9. I have a lot of experience _____________ with customers.

10. I feel very _____________ doing this type of work.

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