English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises

TOPIC: Drop in arrests along the US/Mexican border

STEP 1 - Read the following article: READING COMPREHENSION ARTICLE 6

STEP 2 - Answer these questions (choose the best answer):

1. How many months in a row has the number of arrests along the border dropped?

2. San Diego has seen a __________________ number of arrests.
  relatively high
  relatively low
  very high

3. There were about ________________ arrests in January, 2020, compared to January, 2018.
  3,000 more
  3,000 fewer
  19,000 fewer

4. During the migration crisis last year, most of the people arrested were citizens of _______________.
  Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador
  Colombia and Venezuela

5. Which of the following is NOT true?
  Last year saw a lot of illegal migrants crossing into the US.
  Last year, there were issues with holding people longer than three days, and overcrowding in immigration facilities.
  Tuscon had the highest number of apprehensions last month.

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