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Online English vocabulary exercises for ESL students

Topic: Traveling, planning a trip 3

Complete the sentences below using one of the following words: entrance, online, overnight, delayed, seats, review, confirmation, GPS, guidebook, price

1. Are we going to buy a map, or should we just use the on my phone?

2. Do you have the for the hotel reservation?

3. I book most of my hotels these days.

4. P1: Should we take the morning train? P2: No, let's take the train. That way we can be there in the morning.

5. Unfortunately, there aren't any available on this bus.

6. Did you your passport?

7. I can't find the to the museum.

8. We need to buy a for South East Asia. It has a list of recommended hotels and things to see in each city.

9. This isn't the same we were quoted on your website.

10. According to the website, this train is always .

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