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Online English vocabulary exercises for ESL students

Topic: Cell Phones/ Texting/ Mobile

If several answers are acceptable, choose the best one:

1. A ________ is a phone that you have to open in order to talk.
  flip phone
  cell phone
  bendable phone

2. I knew it was her because her number ________ on my phone.
  came up
  came to

3. ________ refers to the amount of time one uses (talks on) a cellphone.

4. I was supposed to meet Bill at the library, but he ________ me that he would be late.
  text message

5. How much was your cell phone ________ this month?

6. Every time I write a text message, everything shows up in ________ letters.

7. Using "u" instead of "you" in a text message is an example of ________.
  an abbreviation
  a short
  a short word

8. Americans say "cell phone", but people in the United Kingdom say ________.

9. ________ hours are the times when a cell phone user pays a discounted rate for calls.

10. Most cell phone companies limit the number of ________ you can send in a text message.

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