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Topic: Comparative adjectives 1

Complete each of the following sentence with the correct COMPARATIVE form of the adjective in italics.
Example: Jim is thin, but his brother is thinner.

1. Rachel is happy, but her sister is .

2. This ending was sad, but the other movie's ending was even .

3. This house is big, but that one is even .

4. My cat is fat, but theirs is .

5. Peter's parents are wealthy, but his aunt and uncle are .

6. Irene is brave, but Diane is .

7. This week's test is easy, but last week's test was even .

8. My bag is heavy, but her bag is .

9. Today is a hot day, though yesterday the temperature was even .

10. His dad is friendly, but his mom is .

11. My apartment is fairly small, but my brother's apartment is even .

12. My ex-boyfriend is tall, but the guy I'm seeing now is .

13. The neighbors above are loud, but the neighbors who live below us are even .

14. The weather in London is gloomy, but the weather in Scotland is even .

15. My tea is warm, but I prefer it even .


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