English grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises
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Advanced English grammar practice for SAT and ACT

Topic: Forming abstract nouns 1

Complete each of the sentences by changing the noun, adjective, or verb (in parentheses) into an abstract noun.
Example: They though that the punishment was a bit light. (punish)

1. They fought for their . (free)

2. They had to file for . (bankrupt)

3. After she gave birth, everyone thought that suited her well. (mother)

4. He tried , but she wasn't impressed. (flatter)

5. He was surprised to learn that was still a problem in that part of the world. (pirate)

6. He chose over cowardice. (brave)

7. I take in what I do. (proud)

8. Why don't you just tell the ? (true)

9. He doesn't realize that is never attractive. (cruel)

10. I was baffled by his . I had always considered him such a worldly person. (ignorant)


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